Wednesday, November 20, 2013

March, 2012

March, 2012
Looking around Austin, I see business as usual, but there is no business as usual.  The earth has turned toward a different star.  Most people sense this but do not turn to look at what it means.  I see cars driving about and people dressed for success, having lunch and buying organic on the way home from work, but they seem as if the dead walking.  It is so sad, this Occupy time.  And so hopeful.  

Finally.  Finally humanity has a moment again to reflect, to reassess, to reassemble perhaps, like after the plague or the fall of Rome.  And so, my need.  I feel as if all I can do is to wait, as if I were already dead myself, waiting for some greater good to place me where I can be of help, as if I cannot help without commission from outside, as if everything I might do, however good in itself, will be another form of personal ego.

I would like to see Safe Smiles Zones, painted into the sidewalks.  Smiles Stores, where people leave and take  useable goods without money.  Sunshine Hats, which can be exchanged on the fly between strangers.    Sidewalk Studies, where people can stop to sit and talk.  

The next era will be one of connections, locality, smallness perhaps, networks.  The time of individual ego has been exhausted into its logical endpoint: 1% owning 99% to no observable purpose other than because they could.  Perhaps our species has become equally as useless, meaningless, as boring to the gods as the dinosaurs, living only to eat, create wastes, and die.  

I long for meaning.  It is time for magic and sacredness and joy, subtlety, the sublime.  Perhaps the need now is to reach inside for these things, to dig past my conditioning, past the childhood dregs and accustomed responses, to look and seek for those connections, that magic, sacredness and joy.  Time to go past fears.  

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